Age and sex significantly influence maximum inspiratory pressure (MIP), with normative data suggesting a decrease in MIP from young adulthood to older age for both sexes. For example, a healthy 18 y/o female has an average MIP of 97 cm H2O and a targeted training range of 73 cm H2O (75% of MIP). Whereas at age 70, a healthy female has an average MIP  of 65 cm H2O and a  targeted training range of 49 cm H2O*

Taking 75% of MIP as the ideal resistance level, the EMST75 Lite, with a lower and more accessible range of 0-75cmH20, provides a more appropriate training range for IMT for most individuals, particularly older adults, and women. Factor in that most patients who use IMT have respiratory muscle weakness, and the utility of the EMST75/IA150 Bundle is even greater.

Feedback and our own experience have told us that, especially on the inpatient side, more patients need a training range between 0 and 30 than over 75 cm H2O for IMT.

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1Evans JA, Whitelaw WA. The assessment of maximal respiratory mouth pressures in adults. Respir Care. 2009 Oct;54(10):1348-59. PMID: 19796415.