EMST75 Lite & IA150 Inspiratory Adapter Bundled


Start training both inspiratory and expiratory muscles! Purchase the EMST75 Lite and IA150 together and save $5.00 off the price of buying separately!

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With the addition of the IA150, you can train the inspiratory muscles with the EMST75 Lite. he IA150 creates a dual-purpose inspiratory-expiratory device.

The EMST 75 Lite aligns more closely with the IA150 than the EMST 150 for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT). Here’s why :

The EMST75 Lite, with a lower and more accessible range of 0-75cmH20, provides a more appropriate training range for IMT for most individuals, particularly older adults, and women. Factor in that most patients who use IMT have respiratory muscle weakness, and the utility of the EMST75/IA150 Bundle is even greater.

CLICK here IA150 Inspiratory Adapter Instructions to learn how to set up and use your IA150 inspiratory adapter.

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