The EMST150 can improve swallowing capabilities for Stroke patients while improving the quality of life

The EMST150 is the most clinically validated expiratory muscle trainer and has been proven to be effective in strengthening weakened respiratory muscles among Stroke recovery patients who are experiencing difficulty swallowing, medically referred to as Dysphagia.

Dysphagia is a disorder of swallowing that impacts an individual’s ability to eat and/or swallow liquids properly. Respiratory muscle strength and muscle coordination are critical, so foods and liquids can be properly swallowed and guided safely into the esophagus and not be detoured into the airway/trachea, creating a choking hazard.

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One effective way of addressing the swallowing issue and choking risk is to use EMST training to strengthen weakened expiratory muscles. A clinical study of EMST training among Stroke patients suffering from swallowing difficulty confirmed EMST as an effective treatment for the development of suprahyoid muscle activity in stroke patients with dysphagia. Additionally, improvements in aspiration and penetration outcomes were observed.

Simple and easy expiratory muscle strength training with the EMST150 can improve swallowing capabilities for Stroke patients while improving quality of life.

EMST150 Key Benefits for Recovering Stroke Patients

  • Strengthens Swallowing Muscles
  • Reduce Choking Risks
  • Reduces the Risk of Life-Threatening Health Issues Associated with Difficulty Swallowing
  • Improved Swallowing Ability in as Little as Two to Three Weeks of Using the EMST150
  • Easy to Use, Drug-Free, No Risk Solution to Addressing Swallowing Difficulty

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The EMST150 training protocol of five sets of five breaths, five days a week for five weeks is supported for Stroke patients

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