The EMST150 has been proven to be effective in strengthening weakened respiratory muscles among Head or Neck Cancer surgery patients

The EMST150 is the most clinically validated expiratory muscle trainer and has been proven to be effective in strengthening weakened respiratory muscles among Head/Neck Cancer surgery patients in recovery who may struggle with difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia), shortness of breath (Dyspnea), or difficulty speaking (Dysphonia).

Effective treatment for Head & Neck Cancer & Surgery frequently has the undesirable side-effect of severely weakening respiratory muscles. Healthy and strong respiratory muscles are essential to swallowing and speaking functions. When weakened by Cancer treatment or area surgeries, recovering patients can frequently struggle with challenges swallowing and speaking.

A proven way to strengthen these muscles is EMST training. Clinical studies definitively indicate that EMST training can strengthen these muscles providing recovering Head & Neck Cancer & Surgery patients with improvements in swallowing, breathing, and speaking strength, improving quality of life during their recovery.

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Simple and easy expiratory muscle strength training with the EMST150 can improve swallowing (less pain after radiation) so that eating (favorite food) is achievable / or more enjoyable during their recovery.

Pre-Surgery & Pre-Radiation Therapy

There is a growing interest in adopting the benefits of EMST training before certain types of surgery involving the lower and upper airway and/or radiation for head and neck cancer.  EMST training prior to these medical procedures may allow patients with or without existing compromised respiratory strength to improve their airway abilities before surgery or radiation.  Having that improved strength may speed recovery after these procedures and may reduce the potential /likelihood of negative side effects

EMST150 Key Benefits for Recovering Head & Neck Cancer Patients

  • Strengthens Expiratory Muscles
  • Improved Swallowing, Breathing & Speaking Capabilities
  • Pre-Surgery/Radiation Preventative Respiratory Strengthening
  • Significant Improvements in as Little as Three to Four Weeks of Using the EMST150
  • Easy to Use, Drug-Free, No Risk Solution to Addressing Breath and Speaking Difficulties

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EMST Efficacy & Protocol for Head or Neck Cancer Surgery Patients

EMST Evidence-Based Areas of Effectiveness for Head or Neck Cancer Surgery Patients: Improved Maximum Expiratory Pressure, Improved Swallow Function

EMST Protocol for Head or Neck Cancer Surgery Patients

The EMST150 training protocol of five sets of five breaths, five days a week for five weeks is supported for Head or Neck Cancer Surgery patients.

Clinical Validation of the EMST150 in Assisting Head or Neck Cancer Surgery Patients

Study/Article: Expiratory Muscle Strength Training for Radiation-Associated Aspiration After Head and Neck Cancer: A Case Series

Study/Article: Cough Strength and Expiratory Force in Aspirating and Non-aspirating Post-radiation Head and Neck Cancer Survivors

Study/Article: Swallowing Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer Patients