Medicare Instructions

For individuals on Medicare* who are suffering from respiratory  weakness related to neuromuscular disorders, your EMST devices may be covered. Beginning October 1st, if you or your patient are seeking reimbursement through Medicare, there are slightly different procedures you must follow when ordering the EMST150 and the EMST75.  These are outlined below.  In both cases, before you can submit a claim to Medicare you must  download, complete, sign and return the forms before the device can be shipped and the claim can be submitted.

Here are the instructions for obtaining the EMST150 through Medicare. Please read them carefully as these are requirements set by Medicare and must be followed.

Medicare requires documentation of medical necessity for the EMST150 when seeking reimbursement. An ABN form and instructions  are now included with the packet and must be completed by the patient.

To order the EMST150 –   Click here  Aspire Medicare Forms- EMST150 Download  the entire packet, complete, sign and return pages 9-13 via fax to (800)861-2090 or via email to  When we have received the signed forms (Including the ABN and the doctor’s order)  we can send the device the patient and submit the claim to Medicare.  The remaining documents in the file is important information for your patient. Please make sure they retain those documents.

Here are the instructions for obtaining the new EMST75 positive expiratory pressure medical device – The EMST 75  has been approved by Medicare  for coverage using  the HCPCS code E0484.  You are not required to complete the ABN when submitting an order for the EMST75.  It is considered medically necessary in instances of respiratory weakness. The EMST75  will be available beginning on October 5th  2020, and all Medicare orders/claims will be accepted at that time.

To order the EMST75  –  Click here Aspire-Medicare-Forms-EMST75  Download  the entire packet, and complete, sign and return pages 2-7  via fax to (800)861-2090 or via email to Please make sure your insurance information is clear and correct so there are no delays in processing.

* Please note that you are responsible for a 20% copayment  of the Medicare approved amount for your device.



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