RMST Advanced Clinical Training Workshop

deep breathing exercise

Course Description:

This premier presentation will outline the principles and clinical utility of Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST).  It will include information on its theoretical underpinnings, report on past and current outcome data, and present treatment approaches for various patient groups using both inspiratory and expiratory muscle strength training devices. Drs. Sapienza, Ruddy and their team bring pragmatic information that is informative and interesting to clinicians worldwide

Learn more about Dr. Sapienza and Dr Ruddy HERE

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Identify key anatomical and physiologic components of respiration, swallow and cough
  • Understand effectiveness of RMST for patient care
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess key measures of respiratory strength and relate these to RMST protocols
  • Demonstrate knowledge of devices for RMST and advantages/disadvantages with various patient groups
  • Demonstrate ability to plan and implement RMST protocols
  • Demonstrate ability to assess RMST outcomes in terms of respiratory muscle strength, swallow and cough

Course Schedule 

7:45- 8:15           Registration

8:15-10:15          What is RMST?

10:15-11:00        Airway Protection

11:00-11:15         Break

11:15-12:15         Airway Protection, continued (Breathing, Cough, and Swallow)

12:15-1:15           Lunch

1:15-3 :15            Applications for Assessment & Treatment, Demonstration (Use, Troubleshooting, Measurement)

3:15- 3:30           Break

3:30- 5:30          Cases and Critical Thinking

Additional Course Information:

  • Handouts will be available in digital format prior to event
  • Respiratory muscle strength training devices and assessment tools will be on hand for demonstration
  • Course attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion
  • EMST150 device  will be provided to each course participant courtesy of Aspire Products, LLC 

If you are interested in hosting an RMST Advanced Clinical Training Workshop , or if you have other inquiries about training for your facility, send us an email.