5 Stars

“This is very helpful with improving deep breathing skills from the stomach area along with the lungs. Great strengthening aide for speech and volume of speech.”


5 Stars

“My speech pathologist recommended the EMST and is following a course of action with me.

The purpose of using this EMST for me is to strengthen my diaphragm to improve my cough strength. I have very early Parkinson’s Disease, which includes a weakened voice box (also being worked on) that all too often results in liquid or solid material entering my windpipe and potentially lungs. I’ve only used the EMST for two weeks, but I do feel some improvement. I plan to continue using this device for weeks, months, or years should that be necessary.

As far as product quality, it is made of solid materials, fits together well, and the adjustment (which my pathologist does) seems linear and repeatable.

I do not use the nose clip nor hold my jaw as prescribed in the video. Those steps may be necessary for some people, though..”

J. D.

5 Stars

“Speech therapist recommended this unit for a family member, who had a stroke, to use to strengthen his vocal cords. It’s actually working. Yeah! Great for developing muscle strength.”

Sonja W

5 Stars

“It is easy to use. My speech therapist advised me to use this device as an exercise to help in my swallowing and speech therapy (a result of my Parkinson’s disease). It is easy to use, sturdy, and effective. I did find it hard to blow through it at first but applying the correct amount of effort solved that problem (that must be why they call me a “blow-hard”). I continue to use it several times each day to continue strengthening the muscles I use in swallowing and speech.”

Daniel H