A Little History

The EMST150 training system was originally tested on a group of high school band students, both boys and girls. The objective was to see if young people playing musical instruments that required strong expiratory power, could increase their exhaled air pressure by power training with the EMST150. All of the students that received training with the EMST150 experienced increased exhaled strength.

From this simple beginning, the EMST150 research team went on to apply training to a diverse range of people and found the EMST150 trainer increased exhaled air pressure, or strength, in all who participated in the training. The EMST150 team recognized that by increasing expiratory power, various basic breathing related functions such as coughing, swallowing and speech were also improved. Some of the most rewarding results came from working with the elderly and with individuals suffering from neurological disorders.

In one trial after another, the EMST150 training system brought about significant improvements in healthy individuals, as well as those with spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and other forms of neuromuscular disease. The team saw improved cough strength in healthy elderly people as a result of increased respiratory muscle strength, allowing them to remain healthy and independent for longer. In addition, EMST150 researchers recognized an opportunity for patients with spinal cord injuries or degenerative diseases that weaken respiratory muscles, like multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s, to use the device to strengthen weakened muscles, improving breathing, coughing, swallowing and speech. And, since the EMST150 is the only device of its kind that is calibrated, therapists are able to track and document progress during therapy programs.

A trusted device, EMST150 is used all over the world and clinicians and users of the device continually share overwhelmingly positive feedback with the EMST150 team. If want to know about EMST150 or have some news to share, join our blog or send us an email – we would love to hear from you.